BHS Economics, Mr. Pahl, 1st Semester, 2017-18 

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August 2017

    Aug 16-18



  • .
  • Video life with P-Daddy, relax!


  • "Speed Dating"


29-30, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Pick your seat, it's final now!
  • Get into the textbook.
    • Username: your district issued email address
    • Password: HBA plus your 8 digit Date of birth
  • Once you are in, do the Lesson 1 Worksheet on the video, "Republic of Happiness."  Due Friday.
  • Respond to the email that P-Dad sent to your U-46 gmail account (it's a 10-point assignment!)
  • Sign up for the Stock challenge... (password is pdad) It's worth $10P.
31, Thursday
  • Video worksheet due tomorrow...
  • Be sure you have done notebook assignments #1 and 2.
  • Learn the definition of "scarcity" and "opportunity cost" for a little partner-quiz tomorrow...



(See below for September 1, Friday)


September 2017

  September 1, Friday
  • Partner Quiz on scarcity and opportunity cost.
  • Turn in Video Worksheet



The one thing you don't want to do on the three day Labor Day holiday is to...

  • LABOR!!!
  • Register for H&R Block Budget Challenge 
    • Class name is  MillionaireHawks
    • new class code: JKGAQVF 
    • $25P from P-Dad when your account is successfully in the Green...  Ask for help if you don't understand something...
5-6  Tuesday and Wednesday. 



7 Thursday

H&R Block Budget Challenge

  • We are going to work on the H&R BUDGET CHALLENGE this period.  You have to have your selections done by 9pm tonight to be in the competition...
  • NGPF. 


8 Friday

  • TEST on the two podcasts and anything that P-Dad taught about this week in class. (Cost: $35P)



11 Monday
  • Debrief TEST #1.
  • Paying bills, etc. from the Budget Challenge
  • $10P for getting into NGPF (Next Gen Personal Finance) Course on Gooru,
    • PDad Billionaires
    • Code= 7PNKL6N  



12-14 Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday   (bonfire)       Chapter 2 in your textbook

  • Notebook assignment #5. Design a chart that compares the daily lives of people in three countries. You can work with people from your group on this, but you must each individually have a chart in your own Econ notebook. There is a reading assigned to you in your textbook about this.(worth up to $15P)
  • Notebook assignment #6. Mr. Pahl will talk about the difference between communism and socialism, in terms of this chapter.  Take notes on this.
  • There a ton of things to do to make $P to be able to take the text.  Many of these are assigned in your electronic textbook.
15 Friday For form A answer sheet click below:
  • TEST #2 will be on Chapter 2 in your textbook.
  • COST: $30P for the test, $10P to use notes, $5ea. to collaborate
  • Test must be finished by the end of the period. Budget yourself! Form B




  • Keep up with H&R Block Budget Challenge 
    • Pay bills (watch due dates,  BANK)
  • Go to Next Gen Personal Finance Course on Gooru,
    • PDad Billionaires
    • Code= 7PNKL6N
    • Make $ this week on the CAREER Unit... TEST on Friday
    • Links
20    CAREER - Service to Your Country?
  • No computers today.
  • Notebook Assingment #7 is to take notes on today's speaker, National Guard Staff Sergeant Sean Griffin. $10P for these notes.
  • Asking questions that show you have been listening to his presentation, and that are interesting, inquisitive, that show a true desire to learn, will be awarded $P.
21 22  CAREER

TEST - $75P to take the test.


No School - Institute Day





Tues 26 - Wed. 27 - Thurs 28

  • Examples of items enterprised by students in the career unit
  • Students who did well on the multiple choice test: Julian, Emily, Noelle
  • Hey, use this link to sign on to the Remind for this class.
  • Notebook assignments $10P for each one we get through in class:
  • H&R Block Budget Challenge   Free tests this Friday: Kayla, Christina, Irma, Jessica M, Ricardo, Gaby (but you guys still have to pay for notes or to collaborate)
    • If you are not listed above you are eligible for $20P, $15P or $10P
  • Watch; The Invisible Hand
Fri 29

  • $30P for the test, $40P to use notes $45P to collaborate
  • Test content: things covered in the 3 podcasts and whatever we talked about in class this week.

October 2017

Oct. 2-6 

Oct. 2 Mon

Oct. 3 Tues
  • Notebooks due tomorrow...
  • H&R Block status...
  • Only paying $10P until Friday for choosing an Econ concept
  • Return essays
  • Debrief TEST #3 multiple choice
  • Watch video on The Invisible Hand, (everybody gets $10P)
Oct. 4 Wed

  • Names TEST!



  • NOTEBOOKS Due today!
Oct. 5 Thu.
  • Ithaca video due tomorrow... as part of the test...
  • $5P discount on tomorrow's test if you buy your test ticket today
  • PAYBACK. check it out... make some $P here... up to $100P for
    • Recording with screenshots or on paper, the series of choices you made, and the results you came to...you can record as many journeys as you want...
    • Write a reflection paper on what you learned from this simulation


Oct. 6 Fri.
Short TEST on what was covered this week
  • $30 for test, but because everyone gets $10P for Invisible Hand video, $20P for test,
  • $10P more for notes AND collaboration if you want it...


Oct. 9-13  This is senior ditch week.


    Mon. NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day

      Tues. Oct. 10.   
    • Credit. 
    • Make money by using PAYBACK. Mr. Pahl will explain how
      Wed. Oct. 11     
    • No school for seniors!  all school testing day...
    Thurs Oct. 12     
    • Mr. Pahl debriefs Test #4, and makes an invitation for students to apply as board members
      and sit on the Board of Directors for the P-Dad Brand Stock.
      Fri. Oct. 13  
    • Senior ditch week.  I'm ditching.. -P-Dad :-)
    • Make some $!!!  PAYBACK.  Be sure to take screen shots or make good note-records of each choice,
      all the way until the final scenario. Put in note form, or PowerPoint or Slides or some visual way to show me
      your choices. Say what you learned in each set of choices you make.


16 Monday
  • Wanna join the Board?
  • Get caught up with paying bills, etc.  H&R Block Budget Challenge
  • Notebook Assignment #11. $25P bonus if you get this done and show PDad before period is over... get your name on board...
    • Watch all 4 videos about financial decisions then make a chart where you summarize what they said, and then have a column for what you could learn from each one for your life.  Sort of like this:
Video Summary of their $ decision What you could learn from this personally
 17 Tuesday
  • Find the part of the online book that you think best corresponds to the MAJOR CONCEPT you picked to report about. 
  • Students

  • Show it to Mr. Pahl to get tentative approval to move forward with it! $25P if we come to agreement
  • (New Google Sites)
18-19 Wednesday, Thursday
  • Keep up with H&R Block Budget Challenge
  • About 8 of you still have not put your name on the topic you want from the MAJOR CONCEPT page.
  • Once you have a topic, find information from your Economics textbook, and also from other places that you research, that will help you explain your concept.
  • You will soon be able to begin putting your research on your topic into the following website:
  • U-46 EconomicsAsk for permission to edit your section once you have some things to put in there.
  • Initially you can just place notes and ideas there, but eventually, the finished product will have:
    • Clear explanations of the concept. Don't write anything you do not understand!
    • Find interesting visuals that you will be able to use to spruce up your section.
    • You should strive to have something interactive that helps a reader engage with your material.


20 Friday
College Application and Financial Aid Help Day.
  • All lunch periods in the Guidance offices on Monday, Oct. 23






  • No School

November 2017

October 30


Oct 31


November 1








 Nov. 9-10 


Nov.13 Nov. 14 Nov. 15


Nov 16

  • Take notes on Mr. Pahl's presentation about the Elgin Watch Factory.
  • Field Trip tomorrow...


Nov 17
  • U46 Planetarium. Pick up at BHS 10:25am, back, hopefully 12:10pm (Session at Planetarium 10:55-11:45am)


20-21  Moot Court Docket of Cases:



NO SCHOOL 22, 23, and 24

27, Monday 28 Tuesday


29, Wednesday  30s

December 2017

  1 Thursday 1 Friday


4 5 6


12 13-15
18-19 20-21-22