BHS Sociology JOURNAL Assignments    


1. Autobiographical first page. Draw, sketch, tell something about yourself

2. Make the suggested improvements to your representations of BHS social structure….and draw it into your notebook
3. Write a paragraph of how you would go about researching, studying to defend your classifications used in your social structure drawing (#2 above) to other people? What proof could you get that these groups exist and not others?
4. Graphically represent the three major theoretical perspectives of sociology: the functionalist, the conflict, and the symbolical interactionist.  You can use words also.  Fit these three on one page, or two facing pages of your journal.
5. Take Cornell Notes on pages 30-38, the Major Research Methods: Survey, Observation and Ethnography, Experiment and Analysis of Existing Data
6. Take Cornell Notes on "Sociological Perspectives on Social Research." pages 42-44, and also "Research Ethics." on pages 45-47. Be sure to include Figure 2.3 in your notes. (Prepare for a Test on Chapter 2 on Thursday, based on the Cornell Notes you have taken from this chapter, and also The Chapter Review and Key Terms on pages 47-49.)
7. Make a graphic diagram of the 15 US Values (p.55). In the diagram try to show the places where there is, or is not cultural integration among them.
8. Create a graphic diagram of what you consider the "ideal" and "real" culture of Bartlett High School.

9. Journal graphically (and with words) on the key terms of Chapter 3, and on Huntington's reasons that world conflict will be along cultural lines (pp. 66-68).

END of first Journal TURN-IN

10. Draw a diagram - autobiography of our life in which you try to trace the roots of your beliefs and values.  This is your socialization journey. Find a way to indicate on the diagram how each of the following forces has SPECIFICALLY HAD AN EFFECT ON YOU AND YOUR BELIEFS:
  • Ethnicity
  • News Media (Books, radio, TV, internet, etc.)
  • Gender
  • Family
  • Peer groups
  • School
  • Religion
  • Your own individual insights

10b.  Note the chart of Piaget’s stages, Fig. 7.1 on p. 149 and also notice the chart of Kohlberg’s Levels, Fig. 7.2, p. 151.  Redraw both of these, your own way (do not copy the drawing/charts in the book) and try to show relationships between the two charts that you draw.  Draw both of your charts on one page, near each other, so you can show lines of relationships between them.
11.  Simplify Table 7.1 on p 151.  Make it graphic, and, again, summarize and shorten what is written in the table. Be sure to have a title.
12.  Answer the question (p. 165 of your text) “Are We Puppets of Society?” with drawings and words.
13. Take graphic notes on pp. 344-347.  Do some research yourself on the internet and see if you can find other perspectives than your book's on any one of these topics in this section:
  • The Dating Ritual
  • Romantic Love
  • Marriage Choices
  • Marital Happiness
14. Tootsie Pop MR!  Inside/outside for the sucker and for humans, as described by Mr. Pahl.  Answer these questions about how the sucker gives insights into human behavior:
  1. What is implied by choosing a Tootsie Pop by its color wrapper?
  2. What is implied by the hard exterior of the Tootsie Pop?
  3. What does looking forward to reaching the soft, delicious center imply?
  4. Have you ever judged someone by the outside but later found out they were different inside?
  5. Just as the stick supports the pop, and makes it easier to eat, who are the people that support you, and make you more available to other people?
  6. Do you try different flavors of Tootsie Pops? (Implication) or do you only go for the same flavor all the time? (comfort zone)
15. Draw a graphic representation of the roles you play...and what those roles require of you.  Have at least 5 roles.  Examples: student, son/daughter, brother/sister, employee, German/Italian/French, etc., citizen, athlete, Christian/Lutheran/Islamic/Hindu, etc. etc.
#16. Pick any chapter of the book that we have not yet studied, and then read through it enough so that you can write down 10 things you learned that you did not know before.  Put these things in the left column of a chart that will look something like this (only larger, to fit a whole journal page or two)  Read the heading of the second column so that you know what to put in that column: 
A Look at, and Analysis of, Chapter ______
10 Things I Did Not Know from Chapter ___ Title:___________ In this column , write the results of Google searches that go along with, or challenge 3 of the things you wrote to the left. (Give some kind of reference for each of your findings...)
  • Any observations or conclusions to make after doing this research?
17.  From Chapter 10: Draw something unique for each of the following concepts, and give a word explanation of each below (or next to, or wherever) the drawing:
  • Wealth
  • Prestige
  • Power
  • The Egalitarian system
  • Master-slave system
  • The Feudal System
  • The Caste System
  • The Class System